Aichi Prefectural Police Department



Your Partner in keeping your Community Safe 

Preventing frequent street crimes

In order to keep your community secure and safe, we are continuing our efforts to prevent crimes that could occur in your backyard.

Protecting the safety of our Internet society by taking measures to counter cybercrimes

Along with the diffusion of the Internet, there is an increasing number of cybercrimes. Our staff members with high-level expertise in this area are promoting measures to counter cybercrimes.

Elaborate activities to stop Increasing Juvenile Crime

There is a trend in juvenile crime towards younger and more violent offenders. We are trying to prevent such juvenile delinquency by giving juveniles guidance in the streets or through telephone consultation services.

Watching out for Environmental Crimes

In order to keep the earth beautiful forever, we are clamping down on the illegal dumping of industrial waste.  

Thorough crackdowns aiming to eradicate hot rodders and other delinquent groups

We are working hard to eradicate hot rodders, gangsters and other delinquent groups who are committing brutal, immoral acts.

Protecting you and your loved ones from stalkers

In order to protect the peaceful lives of prefectural residents we are working to prevent stalkers from terrorizing their victims.