Aichi Prefectural Police Department



The Forefront of Criminal Investigations
Working through Teamwork for the Earliest Solution

Solving cases begins at the crime scene, collecting evidence

We collect every trace of evidence at the crime scene no matter how small, including fingerprints, footprints, bloodstains and hair. Moreover, we conduct around the clock stakeouts and extensive legwork. We continue to strive for an early solution to the case.

Anti-organized crime

To protect citizens from gang related violence, we are trying to eradicate organized crime activities. Contact us immediately if you are blackmailed or threatened.

Thorough crackdowns aiming to eradicate firearm and drug-related crimes

We are doing all we can to eradicate firearm crimes that could claim human lives and drug-related crimes that could wreck abusers.

Collaboration with Police Dogs

Police dogs help us track suspects, locate missing persons and search for evidence with their keen sense of smell, 6000 times stronger than that of a human being. They are powerful partners in investigations.

Forensic Laboratory

Doctors and scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical science, medicine and engineering analyze evidence to back up investigations using the most advanced equipments and latest knowledge.